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About Us

Our Vision


Is to promote self-sufficiency, emotional stability and socialization by providing and exposing individuals to resources, support, structure and discipline. We are committed to continuously helping individuals develop and execute a plan for approaching life with a new found determination, in spite of the mental health and other societal challenges they face. Our program will deliver a strategy for success, and will equip each individual with tools in order to contribute positively to the community and maintain self-sufficiency.







Is on providing supportive mental health services to individuals facing significant mental health diagnosis. Our organization provides non-clinical, life-skills training services to individuals in community-based settings, so that they can achieve and maintain non-restrictive independent living. Our primary goal is to support each client in developing the necessary skills and abilities to successfully function as independently as possible by providing the necessary supportive services and training to maintain their health and safety.


At Clearview Counseling Services, Inc. (CCS, Inc), we believe that everyone can live a full life even amidst managing mental health challenges. We are here to facilitate pathways to lasting wellness and wholeness. We also believe that everyone has the right (is entitled) to enjoy life, unencumbered by difficulties faced. We believe that anyone with a major mental health challenge deserves the best customized training to improve his/her personal behavior and community interaction skills.

Our Focus

Our Belief

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